Zero Gas

With the zerO gas program

you enjoy natural gas at cost price!

Zero Gas Zero Gas
  • Natural gas at COST PRICE
  • WITHOUT fixed nor subscription fees
  • WITHOUT adjustment clause
  • With FULL PARTICIPATION in government
Zero Gas Zero Gas

Supply Rates

zerO Gas Supply Rate (€/kWh)
Home Supplier's wholesale [€/kWh]+ [0,009/kWh]
Home Central Supplier's wholesale [€/kWh]+ [0,0035/kWh]
Business Supplier's wholesale [€/kWh]+ [0,003/kWh]

Supply Rates are the rates for natural gas consumption, which is calculated by converting the cubic meters (m3) of natural gas that is measured and billed for each consumption period, to kWh. Regulated Charges include costs billed to all consumers of natural gas. More specifically, regulated charges are charges imposed by Transmission and Distribution Networks and paid to the respective Operators of such networks.
Third-party charges: Supply Security Levy (TAE) – L. 4001/2011, and Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) decision (GG B’ 2536/23.09.14), Excise Duty (EFK) – L.3986/2011 & L.4389/2016. Special Levy (5‰) – L.2093/92
All charges except for the Special Levy are subject to VAT 6% (or the VAT rate as applicable from time to time).

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The best energy deal
for natural gas!

With the zerO gas program, for home and business customers, you enjoy:

  • Natural gas at cost price, plus a small amount based on your meter category
  • Zero fixed fees
  • Zero subscription fee
  • Zero adjustment clause
  • Full participation in government subsidies
Read the terms and conditions of the program.

Bouble your benefits by choosing the electricity program that suits your individual needs or one of WATT+VOLT’s unique offers.

Zero Gas Zero Gas

Change your habits!
Get in energy saving “mode”.

Save energy and reduce your natural gas bill, easily and quickly, with our Energy Saving Tips!

Change your daily habits with the ones we recommend and leave your own green footprint, by actively contributing to the environmental protection.

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Zero Gas Zero Gas

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