WATT+VOLT actively participated in the conference on technologies of the Internet of Things

The 3rd annual Internet of Things conference titled “Connecting the dots: A comprehensive Guide for Successful Enterprise IoT Projects”, organized by Boussias Communications, was held on Monday 26/06/2017 with great success.

The aim of this conference was to record, illustrate and combine all necessary partial ingredients in order to successfully implement a project based on IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.

This is why this year’s conference was organized and based on a realistic scenario and gave interactive answers to the basic questions of businesses that plan investments in the immediate future and ultimately aim at a successful IoT strategy.

WATT+VOLT, in its capacity as collaborator in enCOMPASS, the European Energy Saving and Management Project, had an active participation through its representative, Mr. Arvanitis Konstantinos, Impact Director of the enCOMPASS project.

Mr. Arvanitis presented to the conference the case study for IoT – B2C Energy Business, promoting smartwatt and the other innovative services and corporate energy management solutions offered by WATT+VOLT.

In addition, Mr. Arvanitis highlighted how the main goals of the enCOMPASS project can be accomplished, aiming at reducing the energy footprint of carbon dioxide emissions for daily energy consumers (households, enterprises and schools) and maximize the comfort levels of consumers.

WATT+VOLT. Innovator in the Energy Sector.

Source: www.encompass-project.eu