WATT+VOLT won 3 gold awards at Energy Mastering 2017

We are very pleased to announce that WATT+VOLT won three “gold” awards at the award ceremony of Energy Mastering Awards 2017 that was held on Tuesday May 30th, 2017 at the Hellenic Motor Museum and organized by the Plant of Boussias Communications.

WATT+VOLT won three Gold awards in the following categories:

  • GOLD award in the category of Smart Metering Technology for WATT+VOLT Energy Analytics platform.
  • GOLD award in the category of Smart Metering Technology for the smartwatt application.
  • GOLD award in the category of Mobile App for the smartwatt application.

The WATT+VOLT Energy Analytics platform is an innovative energy management and analysis service for enterprises and organizations, and it is based on cloud computing systems. The platform allows users to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) per building facility or equipment unit in real-time and from any location. It also provides the ability to predict electricity consumption in order to better calculate expenses. WATT+VOLT Energy Analytics is addressed to enterprises and organizations whose aim is to optimize their energy management from both financial and environmental perspectives.

At the same time, WATT+VOLT’s innovative smartwatt application turns a simple home into a smart home and gives users full control over the smart devices in their space through a single application in their mobile phone. Users can check the lights or the temperature, detect movements or leaks within their homes or remotely. The most important benefit is that the rational use of smartwatt enables users to save up to 17% in energy.

The distinctions won at the Energy Mastering Awards 2017 reflect WATT+VOLT’s constant commitment for innovations in the energy sector by providing innovative and reliable services, with the ulterior goal of satisfying the needs of consumers.

These distinctions award the creativity, devotion and hard work of the entire family of WATT+VOLT.