“Unveiling” of the new smarteverything platform at the European Utility Week held in Amsterdam

WATT+VOLT participated in European Utility Week, the most important European exposition for energy that was yesterday concluded in RAI Amsterdam. WATT+VOLT, besides its very interesting presence, is the very first Greek company in the field of electricity supply to take part in this top event.

European Utility Week gathers the most important organizations from the European Energy market under one roof. EUW 2017 attracted more than 400 energy enterprises, more than 300 public utility companies in electricity, natural gas and water, and over 12.000 experts in the field of smart energy services.

At WATT+VOLT’s stand, visitors had the opportunity to take a closer look at the 4 times award-winning solution of smartwatt for smart homes (www.smartwatt.gr), which the company already provides to its customers in Greece.

At the same time, WATT+VOLT took advantage of the occasion to unveil smarteverything (www.smarteverything.gr), its new IOT (Internet Of Things) platform to the public.

The solution of smarteverything is an impressive new product developed by WATT+VOLT in collaboration with CERTH / ITI, and features vertically integrated solutions capable of covering many different needs and requirements, ranging from a single business to an entire city (smart city). This solution currently covers the needs for smart electricity management (smart energy), as well as management of diverse resources, such as natural gas (smart gas), water (smart water), interior and street lighting (smart lighting), parking (smart parking), agriculture (smart agriculture), while many other verticals are already waiting in line for implementation.

It should be noted that the smarteverything platform is capable of communicating with all IoT communication protocols (Lora, Sigfox, WModbus, etc.), any smart metric system, and any measurement units customers-users prefer.