Corporate Energy 21

Capacity charge [€/kVA]24-hour energy charge [€/kWh]Day energy charge [€/kWh]Night energy charge [€/kWh]
Corporate Energy 21

Corporate Energy CEL21 matches the needs of Low Voltage commercial customers and professionals, with a total installed capacity of up to 25 kVA.

By choosing CEL21, you take advantage of:

  • A pricing without fixed fees
  • The high quality Customer Support that WATT+VOLT offers you
  • MyWatt: a wide portfolio of online energy services
  • An easy calculation of the energy cost of your business
  • A flat charge for the total volume of your consumption, without any restrictions 

The Regulated Charges are common for all Energy Suppliers, as approved by the Ministry of Energy and are applied on top of the competitive charges, on your monthly energy bill statement.

VAT not included.

You can learn more about the General Billing Terms for CEL21 Program, by clicking here.

*The Commercial policy is adjusted during the year