The new energy management and monitoring service smartenergy for Businesses provides real-time information about your consumption via the installation of «smart» meters.

smart energy
WATT+VOLT smartenergy
 has been designed with a real-time monitoring capability of all energy consumed by a building, shop or other facility.

Users’ consumption profiles can be displayed on a computer or a smartphone device —given these are connected to the internet— with clear and deep understanding on the real needs (of a company or organization) for electric power.

For this to be possible, the following conditions are required:

  • An internet enabled digital “smart meter” (Schneider, ABB, Siemens, Carlo Gavazzi etc.) must be installed onto the power supply. If not available, specialized technicians-electricians of our company can undertake the particular installation work. The process is quick, simple and does not affect the overall space functioning.
  • Must be a WATT+VOLT company client, thus eligible for specific benefits provided by the WATT+VOLT smartenergy.

Our WATT+VOLT smartenergy platform is an innovative solution/tool, constantly upgraded and developed according to our client’s needs, offering integrated control and management services. WATT+VOLT Energy Management is an essential, adjusted to individual appropriate needs and cost-effective solution for companies and organizations.


WATT+VOLT smartenergy has a user-friendly —accessible to all— environment and can be operated with no necessary specialized technical knowledge.

A “smart meter” measures and records variations of 18 different electricity parameters 24/7 and transmits in real-time important, accurate and direct information, presented on your computer in clear and analytical charts that demonstrate the “energy behavior” (in terms of consumption) of your building. A “smart meter” illustrates your voltage (Volt), current power in Kw (kilowatt) as well as the power factor result (cosφ).

The installation is simple and does not require disconnecting any of the power supply units. A meter is elegantly placed adjacent to your building’s panelboard or subdistribution board. As soon as the meter is connected to your system —within seconds— every fluctuation, anomaly and electric energy waste becomes visible, so that you can comprehend, compare and moderate the consumption of the particular space.

Service Packages

By selecting one of the available service packages (Basic Account or Managed Account) that fit your business needs, you can either monitor your power consumption in real-time and make full use of our platform capabilities or enjoy our integrated services, with detailed, precise reports and technical advice for a better consumption management.

Αdvisory support

WATT+VOLT and its qualified technical advisors, provide the proper training and necessary knowledge that will effectively reduce the expenses of any company or organization that joins our power supply program and the WATT+VOLT smartenergy service, as a diagnostic tool for power consumption monitoring.

We train you and your staff for the control and correct use of energy consumption.

We inform you on the desired and ideal consumption levels so that all your business needs are met and costs reduced.

We create the preconditions for both strengthening and participating in actions that would develop and promote an environmental-friendly policy for your business.

All in all, training will assist you in controlling and reducing your energy consumption according to your real needs, saving on operating expenses.

WATT+VOLT smartenergy service promises complete control over the energy consumed, by recording, reporting and analyzing all available parameters within and outside working times. Feel free to discover our platform in this video.

Feel free to contact us for more information on the operation of our service and for a customized techno-economic analysis via email: [email protected]–​.