The new energy management and monitoring service smartenergy for Businesses provides real-time information about your consumption via the installation of «smart» meters.

smart energy

smart energy refers to the monitoring, analysis  and optimization of the energy use and its  associated cost by making use of the IoT  services. Through acquiring a constant, remote,  real-time control over their energy consumption  habits, comparing energy savings before and  after an energy upgrade and an advanced alert  system, industry, utilities as well as high-traffic  buildings can take advantage of these services  and achieve energy and cost related savings.

What we measure

  • Constant, remote, real-time control of energy consumption (kWh) e.g. lighting/heating/cooling
  • Energy cost (€/kWh or €/m3 ) based on current Energy prices
  • Building’s energy performance before & after energy upgrade interventions
  • Power factor (sin, cosin)
  • Energy efficiency index (e.g. kWh/m2)

Originating from our Energy Analytics  platform – Golden award at the Energy  Mastering Awards 2017 ceremony for  the Smart Metering Technology category – our smart energy portfolio offers a  number of solutions that can contribute  to a company’s enhanced energy and  economic status.

Provided Solutions & Benefits

  • Advanced energy consumption breakdown & prediction of future energy consumption
  • Monitoring and Identification of unusual energy consumption
  • Energy intensity activity tables & function analysis
  • Alert system when energy consumption exceed user-predefined limits
  • Data normalization according to preferred variables
  • Real-Time monitoring of energy cost based on current energy prices
  • Measurement of energy savings with M&V tool

Feel free to contact us for more information on the operation of our service and for a customized techno-economic analysis via email: [email protected] or fill in the contact form.