Utilizing the power of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, WATT+VOLT’s ecosystem smarteverything, leverages the performance of every business activity through integrated, verticalized solution in measuring, monitoring and analyzing datasets of every size.

  • Deploying the wide spectrum of innovative IoT technologies, WATT+VOLT offers vertical integrated solutions per market segment and application for intelligent electricity and water management, smart cities and precision agriculture through specialized tools smartenergy, smartwater, smartcity and smartagriculture.
  • Using advanced analytics techniques in real-time, WATT+VOLT assesses and provides answers in complex client issues such as operational efficiency, reducing operating costs, managing imminent risk and developing innovative business models.
  • Scalable, secure, flexible ecosystem that fully adapts to users’ needs with interoperability based on best international practices.

WATT+VOLT provides businesses and organisations, private and public, the ability to improve their effectiveness by streamlining the relevant processes leading to added value through state-of-the-art advanced technologies.

WATT+VOLT smarteverything IoT