Services for home


We designed MyWatt, a wide portofolio of online services and a smartphone application to help you at your everyday routine.

  • See detailed graphs and statistics of your energy bill
  • Gain full control over your electricity bill
  • Use your credit card to pay your WATT+VOLT bill – easily, quickly and securely


Your house is the place where you live. You want it to be convenient, functional and secure, for you and the people you love! Now, with the innovative smartwatt service you take control of your house, no matter where you are! Add as many ‘smart’ devices as you wish and make your venues ‘smart’ by controlling all the devices from one and only application via your mobile phone.

  • Ensure savings, comfort and security
  • Manage your home wherever you are
  • Use just one application on your phone to control “smart devices”


WATT+VOLT gives you the option to receive only Actual Consumption Bills and no ESTIMATED (consumption) bills, helping you to effectively calculate your electricity expenses in advance and pay only for the energy you have actually consumed.

  • Register the indication of your meter each month
  • Issuance of monthly actual consumption bill
  • Pay only what you have consumed