Register the indication of your meter each month and issuance of monthly actual consumption bill.

WATT+VOLT gives you the option to receive only Actual Consumption Bills and no ESTIMATED (consumption) bills, helping you to effectively calculate your electricity expenses in advance and pay only for the energy you have actually consumed.

How can I calculate my consumption and receive a monthly Actual Consumption bill instead of Estimated Consumption bills?

The estimated consumption of electricity is calculated automatically through the computer system of HEDNO (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator).

However, you can participate in the calculation of your consumption and register the reading on your meter by following only a few simple steps:

  • Use the online mywatt service, log in and go to “Services” – “Registration of Meter Indication”. If you are not a user of mywatt, select “Account Activation”.

  • Select the address of your meter from the left menu, fill in the relevant readings of your meters and click “Registration”.

What should I be careful with when registering a reading?

Follow these steps:

  • Make sure that the Meter Number written on your bill is the same with the number shown on the metal label of your meter device (see the circled detail in the picture below).

  • Write the number down and skip the decimals with different colors (don’t include the circled decimal in the next picture).

  • If you have a dual registration meter for the off-peak (night) tariff, then you must write down two readings: The K reading (Regular Day Tariff) and the M reading (Off-Peak Tariff) (see the circled marks in the next picture).


  • Call 18383 or 213 0189199 to register via the Automated Voice Portal (IVR). Follow the simple instructions to enter the VAT number, the 8-digit supply number, and your indication.
  • Contact a Customer Service representative to indicate the indication by telephone.
  • Fill in the form labeled “CONSUMPTION READING STATEMENT FORM” (in Greek language), which you will find in our website’s “Useful Forms” section, as well as in MyWatt’s section for registration of consumption readings, and send it to us via fax at 210 3619835.