Ensure the full control of your electricity and natural gas bills through MyWatt.

Browse your favorite energy app, easily, quickly, and safely. The updated MyWatt application offers you a variety of features:

  • Detailed bills and access to historical data

You have access to the electricity and natural gas bills for up to three years, with a clear indication of the charges.
You compare your bills in order to have an overview of your consumption related to the previous time period and if you wish, you can also download it in a pdf format for your personal files.

  • Easy, quick, and safe payments

Pay your bills with credit or debit card easily, quickly, and with absolute safety while having a clear overview of your payments for all your WATT+VOLT meters.

  • Submit the measurements for your electricity meter

Submit your meter measurements each month to receive only an actual bill, thus paying for the energy you have truly consumed and put an end to estimated bills containing estimated consumption. Keep track of your priced measurements to have a clear overview of your consumption profile and so you are aware of when to submit your measurements.

Find more about the “Own reading” service here.

  • Contact us

Find out about the new WATT+VOLT offers and get support by filling in the contact form so that one of our representatives can contact you shortly.

  • New feature: Quick Login

Now you can “access” the world of MyWatt easily, quickly & with absolute safety, through Quick Login!

Quick Login works with your Fingerprint, Face ID(depending on what your device supports), and with a 4-digit PIN of your choice.

Download the updated MyWatt app for free or visit the website!

*MyWatt application (web & mobile app) is available in English.