We designed MyWatt, a wide portfolio of online services and a smartphone application to help you at your everyday routine.

With MyWatt you have the possibility to:

  • View detailed graphs and statistics of your energy bill: Now, you can access to access your bill anytime from desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. At a glance, you can clearly follow your charges, be fully aware of your expenses, and view statistical data of your consumption and a full history of your bill statements.
  • Gain full control over your electricity bill : Forget all about “Estimated” bills, as you can now submit by yourself the reading of your electricity meter with Register Your “Own Reading” service, so that every month you are billed for the electricity that you actually consume with a Clearing bill statement.
  • Use your credit card to pay your WATT+VOLT bill – easily, quickly and securely.
  • WATT+VOLT’ s electricity bill has been designed so as to be easy, simple and understandable and full of useful information about your consumption to help you understand everything about energy. Now you can pay your electricity bills via any VISA or MASTERCARD credit card by phone. It’s easy and safe!
  • Change your account information and profile data.
  • Activate new services
  • Invite your friends to earn additional discount at your bills
  • Contact us, either by calling directly our Customer Service Department in 183 83 or by filling a contact form and one of our representatives will contact you right away.
Gaining control of you energy usage has never been so easy!

Web App:


*MyWatt application (web & mobile app ) is available in English.