With Net Metering “self-production”, you can save money by offsetting between the energy consumed and the energy generated by your photovoltaic installation.

Having innovation as our ally and driven by our clients’ custom needs, at WATT+VOLT, we provide comprehensive energy solutions and services for your home and your business. With Net Metering, we promote energy self-production, contributing to the protection of the environment and supporting Renewable Energy Sources. We undertake the full project of Net Metering, providing ongoing help and support. Our goal is to understand each different need and to find the optimal solution for the benefit of our clients.

How does Net Metering work?

Net Metering is suitable for residential and business users.
It represents a profitable investment, achieving the offsetting between the energy generated by the photovoltaic panels and the energy that you are consuming.
This helps to cover the energy consumed and reduces the electricity bill to zero.

The netting of generated versus consumed power is applicable throughout the year. If the energy produced is higher than the energy consumed, the remaining amount gets fed to the electricity network free of charge. If it is lower, the consumer is only required to pay the difference.

Why choose WATT+VOLT?

  • We undertake the project from start to finish, providing you with ongoing help and support
  • Integrated energy analysis, building study and extraction of the client’s energy profile
  • Design, study, and installation of roof or ground-mounted photovoltaic panels
  • A whole range of reliable, high technology photovoltaic equipment at the best market prices
  • Technical support
  • Maintenance and quality assurance contracts to be signed for up to 30 years
  • The option of partial repayment of the project in monthly installments for WATT+VOLT clients
  • Combination with any Energy pricing Program that fits your needs, offering an extended variety of products
  • Possibility to implement ESPA (NSRF) subsidy programs for businesses for up to 65%
  • Nationwide coverage

By choosing Net Metering you benefit yourself, the environment and the society.

  • Electricity Charges reduction or elimination and Regulated Charges reduction
  • Energy-saving and reduced installation operating cost due to energy self-production
  • Energy independence achieved by turning your house or your business “green”, concerning either limited or extended power consumption
  • Contribution to the protection of the environment and support of renewable energy (environmentally responsible technology with net zero carbon emissions)
  • Improvement of your energy perception through the digital imaging of energy production and consumption
  • Investment payback and extremely long lifespan of the photovoltaic panel reaching up to 30 years
  • Increase of the property’s resale value owing to the improvement of the building’s energy rating
  • Heating and cooling needs coverage as well as heat pump unit installation

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WATT+VOLT provides you with integrated energy solutions and services for your house and business.