WATT+VOLT undertakes all the steps of the Natural Gas Installation, Connection and Supply process at the most competitive prices in the market, giving priority to safety and high-quality work by highly qualified technical personnel.

Do you want to install natural gas in your home or business? We do all the work for you, offering the most affordable solutions tailored to your needs.
Simply and economically, by an integrated energy provider.

What does WATT+VOLT offer?

  • Natural gas network availability check.
  • Attica Natural Gas Distribution Company (EDA), regarding the network connection, and the installation of a natural gas meter
  • Design and construction of an internal natural gas installation.
  • Installing a natural gas boiler or replacing an oil boiler with a natural gas boiler.
  • Installation of autonomous and central heating, and conversion of the old central heating system to an autonomous one.
  • System activation and demonstration of operation.
  • System maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Extra work where required at your installation.

Why choose WATT+VOLT?

  • We are the only provider that undertakes the whole process of Installation, Connection, and Supply of Natural Gas, providing customized solutions according to our customers’ needs.
  • We work with leading and certified partners to provide the best solutions for every customer and ensure the highest quality of equipment and work.
  • The Natural Gas Installation service can be combined with existing natural gas supply programs, providing you with everything you need for natural gas in your home or business.
  • Dual Power is the perfect combination for gas and electricity to gain double benefit!

Check if a natural gas pipeline passes through your area * and connect to it through our “Natural Gas Installation” service.

*The Natural Gas Installation service is initially addressed to the Prefecture of Attica. Cost varies on a case-by-case basis and it depends on many parameters. Therefore, the customer gets an offer only after the inspection of his/her space.


For more information please contact our Customer Support (183 83), our branch network throughout Greece or fill out the contact form.