Φανταζόμαστε μια κοινωνία που θα σέβεται το περιβάλλον. Είμαστε έμπρακτοι υποστηρικτές της ηλεκτροκίνησης παρέχοντας στους χρήστες ηλεκτρικών αυτοκινήτων οικονομικές και «έξυπνες» εμπειρίες φόρτισης.

The integrated solution for the future of electromobility

With access to more than 90,000 chargers in 4 continents, the Chargespot service, powered by WATT+VOLT, is innovating in the electric vehicles charging and is offering its owners the possibility to charge in an easy, cheap and safe way.

WATT+VOLT has created applications for the Chargespot service that can be used on the P/C, tablet or mobile phone, both on iOS and Android devices.
Download the applications for free here:

The Chargespot by WATT+VOLT application is available for iOS and Android devices.

CHARGESPOT: The experience of “smart” charging.

Enjoy the experience of “smart” charging, easily and safely, having complete control in your own hands.

  • Integrated application for smartphones and web
  • Quick search of all types of chargers in our network in Greece and worldwide
  •  Preselection of chargers as reference spots for future use
  • Locating available chargers in the desired area
  • Charging update & direct payment in real time
  • You can recharge whether you are registered or not

Provisions for Electromobility drivers

  • Low charging fees
  • Premium prices for Chargespot registered users
  • Possibility to pre-book a spot
  • Safe recharge for the user and the vehicle
  • Access to charging history
  • Direct customer service at 183 83
  • Free application

Charge in 7 easy steps:

Through the application you can gain access to your charging history and statistics and process your personal data.

  1. Download the application on your mobile phone (Android/iOS).
  2. Use the option “Chargers (Public)” from the menu to select the charging spot displayed on the map.
  3. Select a charger from the field “Select a charging station”.
  4. Make sure that the charger’s code (ID) that you select in the application (previous step) is the same as the code (ID) found on the sticker on the charger.
  5. Connect one end of the cable to the charger’s plug and the other end to the vehicle’s socket.
  6. Drag the bar or press Start on the lower part of the screen to charge.
  7. When the charging of your vehicle is complete, stop the charging through your application and disconnect the charging cable.

We wish you many happy recharges!

Why should you trust WATT+VOLT?

  • It is the only provider in Greece that offers access to 90,000+ chargers worldwide
  • It provides an automatic payment and invoicing system, for greater reliability and ease
  • It offers full history and statistical data for each charging, aiming at better services for each customer
  • It offers integrated solutions (End-to-end) for domestic and commercial Dynamic Load Management (DLM) applications
  • Specialized Customer Service team at your disposal

For more information please visit our network of stores throughout Greece, email us at [email protected].