zerO on the move program is also combined with natural gas for double win.

Win double!

FIXED FEE [€/month]
zerO on the move gas

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Supplier's wholesale cost [€/kWh]+[0,009€/kWh]

25% discount
in competitive
natural gas rates

Supply Rates are the rates for natural gas consumption, which is calculated by converting the cubic meters m3 of natural gas that is measured and billed for each consumption period, to kWh. Regulated Charges include costs billed to all consumers of natural gas. More specifically, regulated charges are charges imposed by Transmission and Distribution Networks and paid to the respective Operators of such networks.
Third-party charges: Supply Security Levy (TAE) – L. 4001/2011, and Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) decision (GG B’ 2536/23.09.14), Excise Duty (EFK) – L.3986/2011 & L.4389/2016. Special Levy (5‰) – L.2093/92
All charges except for the Special Levy are subject to VAT 6% (or the VAT rate as applicable from time to time).


zerO on the move gas is suitable for customers who have chosen zerO on the move program for their electricity and want to combine it with natural gas for double benefits.


  • 25% discount in competitive natural gas rates
  • Flexibility to leave at 9 months

Read in detail the terms and conditions of the program.


– The duration of the program is 1 year. After the end of 1 year, the contract becomes for an indefinite period.
– The program is addressed to autonomous domestic gas supplies.
– The discount of the zerO on the move gas program is applied to the competitive natural gas rates, only in case the customer is supplied by WATT+VOLT both natural gas and electricity. The program applies to customers of the above categories for a new or active connection.