In collaboration with the NHS New Health System, WATT+VOLT offers you the Med+ Health card for free medical and diagnostic tests at contracted centers and hospitals all over Greece.

With the acquisition of the Med+ Health card, you enjoy health services and diagnostic tests worth more than three hundred Euro at contracted centers and hospitals all over Greece.

Customers with a Corporate Energy 22 and Corporate Energy 22B invoice type get four health cards for free. The Med+ health card does not concern the Corporate Energy 23 and Corporate Energy 23B invoice types.

You can benefit from The NHS health card only with the published official price list charges and the WATT+VOLT “Consistency” program.

Every new WATT+VOLT customer using the Med+ health card acquires:

  • Unlimited and free medical visits for emergencies and outpatient clinics of the cooperating Medical Institutions
  • Unlimited medical visits by appointment to the outpatient clinics of the cooperating Medical Institutions paying a member fee: 10 Euro/Visit
  • Unlimited medical visits to modern Polyclinics (Athens and Thessaloniki) with a participation fee of 10 Euro/visit.
  • Unlimited medical visits to a nationwide network of private doctors (except for Athens or Thessaloniki) with a participation fee of 15 Euro/visit.
  • Free annual hematological monitoring
  • Free annual dental examination with contracted Dental centers and Dental clinics.
  • Dental coverage with dental operations-interventions, with cover up to 50%, in contracted dental clinics and dental centers.
  • Free ophthalmological screening, at contracted Medical institutions.
  • Annual preventing screening, which includes Pap smear (TestPap) and TestPSA, with the participation of the Subscriber:

a) Free of charge when using an insurance institution (E.O.P.Y.Y.)
b) With the public Government Gazette pricing, when not using an insurance institution

  • Free purchase of eyeglasses with a value of up to 250 euros (using E.O.P.Y.Y.).
  • Call Medical Coordination Center 24 hours a day.

Are you a WATT+VOLT customer and you qualify for the NHS health card?
Print your health card!


The Med+ health card concerns the existing WATT+VOLT customers.
Please be advised that the personal information you provide to print your health cards, is used solely for this purpose. They are collected and sent to NHS, which then provides you with quality medical care services. For more information, please read the WATT+VOLT’s Privacy Notice. Privacy Statement. If you wish to change any of your details, you can contact WATT + VOLT Customer Service at 183 83.