Gain money for every friend you recommend to WATT+VOLT.

Invite A Friend is a customer loyalty program addressing the current WATT+VOLT customers, which rewards you for introducing WATT+VOLT to your friends – not to mention that your friends, too, come out winning.

All current WATT+VOLT customers who introduce WATT+VOLT to their friends are eligible for joining the Invite A Friend program.

Terms and Conditions:

For every new friend you introduce to WATT+VOLT, who signs up for packages or services following your recommendation, you will earn a one-off 20€ discount* per connection, successfully represented by WATT+VOLT. After the start of the invited representation, the “Discount” figure will appear within the first actual electricity bill. Each actual electricity bill contains only one “Invite A friend” discounted invitation. At the time you invite more that one electrical supplies, the discount gets distributed  at the actual electricity bills.

*It refers to the gross value including net value plus VAT. 6%. The gross value is adjusted accordingly , where the VAT percentage is different.


Your friend will enjoy the same privileges and advantages that you do:

  • A significant discount in their electricity bill
  • High-quality customer service
  • Innovative electricity services.

There are two ways you can introduce WATT+VOLT to your friends:

  • Visit our website at, fill in your details in the relevant form and invite one of your friends – or more than one!
  • Contact us via telephone at 18383

One of our representatives will contact each of your friends you invited via telephone. The representative will provide all the necessary information about WATT+VOLT’s services and the advantages of our company representation. Your friend can afterward apply for the representation of his or her meter by WATT+VOLT.

At the same time, you will win 20€ off your bill as a reward for each friend you introduced who becomes a customer of WATT+VOLT, as soon as the procedure for change of provider for your friend is concluded. If you have more than one WATT+VOLT connections, this amount will be credited to the electricity supply with the largest balance.

There are no restrictions on the number of friends you can introduce.

You do not qualify for a reward in the following situations:

  • If you recommend a friend who is already a subscriber to WATT+VOLT.
  • If the friend you have recommended activates further WATT+VOLT connections or introduces any of his or her other friends after receiving the initial actual electricity consumption bill, then the discount awarded to your friend will be proportional to the connections recommended by him or her and will be deducted from his or her bill. At the same time, you will keep your initial discount awarded for your recommendation.
  • You will receive a 20€ reward for each electricity supply represented by WATT+VOLT following your introduction, on a condition that WATT+VOLT actively represents you. This reward will appear as a separate discount on your first actual electricity consumption bill. Participation in the Invite A Friend loyalty program requires a minimum of 6 months’ stay of the recommended customer with the company. If the minimum stay condition is not met, the discount/introduction reward is forfeited without prior notification. If the friend you have introduced cancels his or her application for representation by WATT+VOLT, or if such an application for representation gets rejected due to any reason, then you will not receive the loyalty discount on your bill.

The date of commencement of the stay period will be the date of the representation of the customer.

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