Find out about the DUAL POWER monthly gas supply charges.



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Fixed Fee €/Month4,909,909,90
Monthly Supply Rate (€/kWh)
April 20180,021380,025580,02558
May 20180,021420,025620,02562
June 20180,021520,025720,02572
July 20180,023180,027380,02738
August 20180,023020,027220,02722
September 20180,023120,027320,02732
October 20180,024670,028870,02887
November 20180,02440,02860,0286
December 20180,024230,028430,02843
January 20190,024110,028310,02831
February 20190,024210,028410,02841
March 20190,024150,028350,02835
April 20190,023070,027270,02727
May 20190,022960,027160,02716
June 20190,023080,027280,02728
July 20190,022970,027170,02717
August 20190,023200,027400,02740
September 20190,023140,027340,02734
October 20190,022740,026940,02694
November 20190,022690,026890,02689
December 20190,022670,026870,02687
January 20200,022110,026310,02631
February 20200,021500,025700,02570
March 20200,022090,026290,02629
April 20200,019020,023220,02322
May 20200,017890,022090,02209
June 20200,017940,022140,02214
July 20200,014930,019130,01913
August 20200,014670,018870,01887
September 20200,014780,018980,01898
October 20200,014410,018610,01861

The Supply Charge is formed every month based on the cost of Natural Gas supply and is common by geographical area.


Supply Rates are the rates for natural gas consumption, which is calculated by converting the cubic meters (m3) of natural gas that is measured and billed for each consumption period, to kWh. Regulated Charges include costs billed to all consumers of natural gas. More specifically, regulated charges are charges imposed by Transmission and Distribution Networks and paid to the respective Operators of such networks.
Third-party charges: Supply Security Levy (TAE) – L. 4001/2011, and Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) decision (GG B’ 2536/23.09.14), Excise Duty (EFK) – L.3986/2011 & L.4389/2016. Special Levy (5‰) – L.2093/92
All charges except for the Special Levy are subject to VAT 6% (or the VAT rate as applicable from time to time).