Discover the multitude of uses and benefits that Natural Gas provides to your home or business, compared to other forms of energy.

Natural Gas allows you to replace all other known and widely-used forms of energy supplied to your home or business, for purposes such as:

  • Space heating (for both autonomous or central supply connection)
  • Cooking and grilling
  • Hot water
  • Air-conditioning
  • Cogeneration (simultaneous generation of heating/cooling and electrical energy)
  • Multiple professional uses (such as, dry cleaning, autobody shops, goldsmith shops etc.)
  • Industrial manufacturing of products
  • Automotive vehicles
  • Household and industrial use

Enjoy the benefits of Natural Gas with absolute safety. The use of natural gas presents no dangers since end consumers never come in contact with it. Natural gas is safe to use from the very first moment, as it is transmitted through the installed network.

Differences between Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Natural gas is mostly methane, while liquefied petroleum gas is composed by heavier hydrocarbons. This difference makes natural gas lighter than air, while liquefied petroleum gas is heavier than outdoor air. This means that in the event of a leak, liquefied petroleum gas is concentrated at the lower levels, with risk of explosion. Natural gas reaches end consumers through the installed network, and it is available for use at the touch of a button. On the other hand, liquefied petroleum gas is stored in cylinders; the responsibility for their replacement falls on users.

Map of Natural Gas Network