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Natural gas is a natural product found in reserves underneath the earth;  either in row form, or coexisting with oil reserves.

Natural gas is a mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons that principally consist methane (at a percentage of more than 85%), which is the lightest hydrocarbon. It is clean, without impurities or sulfurous components.

It is a natural form of energy that you can use without having to go through any particular processing and burns perfectly when used with the right devices.

Currently, natural gas is an important sector in the global energy policy as it is  the most eco-friendly and human-friendly type of conventional fuel.

Advantages of Natural Gas

  • Lower cost compared to oil, and significant money-saving capacity compared to other fuels.
  • Constant use flow compared to oil, requires no advance orders and it is supplied in regular intervals.
  • Ability to save money and plan a budget for expenses. In cases of autonomous use, customers pay for their own individual consumption.
  • Practical, easy to use, reliable, and convenient with the touch of a button, both at home or in your professional space.
  • Space-saver, since no installation of storage tank is needed.
  • Better energy performance.
  • Environmental protection, because it is the most eco-friendly and human-friendly type of conventional fuel.

Characteristics of Natural Gas

  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic product
  • Nature-friendly due to its composition; when burning, it produces the lowest pollutant emission than any other type of conventional fuels.
  • It is lighter than air; therefore, in the event of a leak, it wafts to the higher air strata . Thus, natural gas elimintes any risks of explosion.
  • Odorless, yet easily detectable in the event of a leak (thanks to the addition of a special substance with a particular odor).

Enjoy the benefits of Natural Gas with absolute safety.

The use of natural gas presents no dangers since end consumers never come in contact with it. Natural gas is safe to use from the first moment, transmitted through the installed network.

Differences between Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Natural gas is mostly methane, while liquefied petroleum gas is comprises of heavier hydrocarbons. The difference makes natural gas lighter than air; on the other hand , liquefied petroleum gas is heavier than outdoor air. This means that in the event of a leak, liquefied petroleum gas concentrates at lower levels, with the risk of explosion.

Natural gas reaches end consumers through the installed network, and it is available for use at the touch of a button. On the other hand, you have to store liquefied petroleum gas in cylinders; the responsibility for their replacement falls on users.

How will I benefit if I choose WATT+VOLT as Natural Gas supplier?

WATT+VOLT offers you an attractive commercial policy and holistic service in the field of energy services. At the same time, it is always there for you through its provision of customized services and its extended network of associates and physical stores located all around Greece.