The Corporate program ensures that all corporate and professional clients will enjoy competitive tariffs and clear bills.

Natural Gas for your Corporation

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Supplier's wholesale cost [€/kWh] + [0,003€/kWh]

Supply Rates are the rates for natural gas consumption, which is calculated by converting the cubic meters (m3) of natural gas that are measured and billed for each consumption period, to kWh. Regulated Charges include costs billed to all consumers of natural gas. More specifically, regulated charges are charges imposed by Transmission and Distribution Networks and paid to the respective Operators of such networks.
Third-party charges: Supply Security Levy (TAE) – L. 4001/2011, and Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) decision (GG B’ 2536/23.09.14), Excise Duty (EFK) – L.3986/2011 & L.4389/2016. Special Levy (5‰) – L.2093/92 All charges except for the Special Levy are subject to VAT 6% (or the VAT rate as applicable from time to time).


With WATT+VOLT combine electricity and natural gas with the DUAL POWER program and enjoy a discount on your gas bill! In addition, gain 100% discount for the monthly fees!
This offer is valid for both new and current customers.

Choose WATT+VOLT today to save on natural gas and benefit from:

  • Competitive tariffs
  • Clear bills
  • Innovative energy-saving solutions
  • Customized and direct service
  • Better energy performance

Join WATT+VOLT. It’s easy. It’s simple!

The process of changing natural gas supplier is quick, easy and requires no modifications to your meter or the interior installation of your home.

All you need is to fill out the Application form for Natural Gas Supply by WATT+VOLT, providing the required documentation per customer category.

Requested Documents Sole Proprietorships GPs/ LPs S.A.s Associations,
Unions-Joint ventures
LTD/PCs Foundations
ID/ Passport/
Residency Permit
Lease Contract / E9
Representation (Announcement by G.E.MI. or Official Gazette of the Hellenic Republic (FEK) or Resolution by the Board of Directors, by order of priority) A B
Articles of Association
Certificate of Registration to the Chamber / Commencement of business of non-natural person / Certificate by G.E.MI. (issued within the last 3 months)
General certificate by G.E.MI. (issued within the last 2 months) C
Document of Establishment of Legal Entity (FEK / G.E.MI.) D
Α. Only true copy of minutes of General Assembly for election of BoD members and true copy of minutes of constitution of BoD.
Β.True copy of minutes of constitution of BoD.
C.Certificate by the National Printing House of Greece regarding non-publication of amendment or dissolution of the Foundation.
D. Certificate of registration of the union to the registry of unions.


Read the program’s terms and conditions in detail.

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