Home Energy 3500

Monthly costKWh/4monthsEnergy charge (€/KWh)
home energy 3500
140€per month3500KWh
from 0,078*
home energy 3500
146,25€per month3500KWh
from 0,078*
Extra energy charge: 0,30€/KWh

If your consumption is up to 3500 kWh per 4 months and you want to save more on your night energy charges you can opt for HOME ENERGY 3500 + Night.

VAT not included.

Click here to see the General Terms of Billing for the HOME ENERGY 3500 and HOME ENERGY 3500 + Night Packages.

The Regulated Charges are common for all energy suppliers, as approved by the Ministry of Energy and are applied on top of the competitive charges on your energy bill statement.

*The commercial policy is adjusted during the year.