Gold Awards for WATT+VOLT at Mobile Excellence Awards 2017

WATT+VOLT received two new awards for its groundbreaking smartwatt application at this year’s Mobile Excellence Awards. At the award ceremony that took place at the Hellenic Motor Museum on Tuesday, September 19th, WATT+VOLT won the highest distinction in the following categories:

  • Gold award for Innovative Mobile Application / Service in the category of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Sector of Mobile Business”
  • Gold award for Mobile Environment & Energy in the category of “Mobile Applications for the Sectors of Services”

With the new and innovative smartwatt, consumers are able to make their spaces smart, by controlling all connected devices from any location through a single application in their mobile phone. By using this application, users can turn their lights or water heater on and off, set the thermostat to their desired temperature, or even receive notifications about any movement in their spaces. Most importantly, however, the rational use of smartwatt gives consumers the ability the save up to 17% energy.

These awards continue the series of 3 golden awards won by WATT+VOLT at Energy Mastering Awards 2017 for smartwatt and WATT+VOLT Energy Analytics, the energy management platform, as well as the 2 silver awards at Cyta Mobile Excellence Awards 2016 that the company won for the mobile application of MyWatt.

The awards were received by Mrs. Antigoni Pagoulatou, Head of Marketing at WATT+VOLT, who made the following statements: “We are an energy company, but innovation and technology are part of our DNA. To us, innovative services such as smartwatt not only contribute to making our lives easier and less costly, they also serve a more noble cause: They contribute to the protection of the environment and the effort for better management and saving of energy. We thank you for recognizing this effort”.