Ecotips for your business

Some break rooms in companies have dishwashers. The most energy efficient way to use one of these is to always fully load it.
They still boil and run the same amount of water as they would with a smaller load. You could halve the dishwasher’s energy use by doing this.

When a PC monitor displays a screensaver it does this to stop the screen from burning out, but the PC still uses the same amount of electricity. Turning off at the plug helps save the screen, energy and expense.

Use sensor or timer switches where lights do not need to be kept all the time.Also use dimmer switches in rooms where lighting is too high. Monitors displaying a screensaver are still using the same amount of power.

For long breaks and meetings from the desk and at the end of each day, encourage staff to shutdown their PCs and switch off at the wall. If you are away from the computer for just a short period, but do not have time to shut down your PC and boot it back up, adjust the computer settings to ‘hibernate’ or power saving mode, which uses less energy.

If you know you have electrical appliances in your office left unnecessarily on standby, encourage people to always turn them off at the plug. To help people remember, create posters or stickers that act as reminders.

Energy efficient bulbs use 80% less electricity that filament bulbs and waste less energy through heat. Spotlighting does not use up much energy, but they only light a small area, so these should never be used to light a room. Also take advantage of free sunlight and make the most out the workplace's electric lighting.

Pull back curtains as far as they go and repair curtains that do not pull back. Clean windowsills and blinds to improve their light reflection.

Paint rooms in light colors so the maximum amount of light is reflected.