How can I change my electricity provider?

The procedure is simple: The only thing you need is to fill in an Application Form (find here the application For your Home / For your Business) and submit it to us along with the last settlement bill of PPC or any other electricity supplier.
The process is free of charge and does not require you to change the excisting meters or network.

Is there any risk of a power cut or other damage until i switch my meter to WATT+VOLT?

There is absolutely no power cut, even for one minute, because the representation change happens on an accounting basis. There will only be a change at some entries in the Network Operator’s files and the customer’s representation changes automatically. The Network Division (DEDDIE) shall continue to be responsible for the sound and smooth operation of the network and the uninterrupted supply of all consumers, as before.

What happens to the deposit guarantee by my previous energy provider chargerd me?

The PPC returns the deposit guarantee in the final settlement bill by setting it off. The customer then pays the exact amount of the deposit guarantee to WATT + VOLT with the first electricity bill sent by WATT + VOLT.

What is the Customer Succession procedure?

“Customer Succession” is the procedure that the customer must follow, to declare to the Supplier that the user of a property installation is going to change . It ensures that the suppliers issue the consumptions bills according to the contract entered into, by , and between them.

Examples of cases requiring such a change are:

a) in the case of property leasing, when the tenant is the user of the property and also the electricity consumer, while the property owner is the renter/ owner;
b) When someone else is using the property other than the owner listed on the bill
c) When you sell the property or transfer its ownerships.

It is necessary to state the change of the user of the meter to ensure the billing in the consumer’s name, who is liable before the Supplier for paying the electricity bills in accordance to the contract signed by this consumer and not in the name of the previous user or owner. If the new user of a property (e.g. a new renter or owner) wishes to change his electricity Supplier (be represented by WATT + VOLT), he/she must apply the procedure of Succession of Customer implementing the following simple steps:
Step 1 : Submit the respective Electricity Supply Application to WATT + VOLT.
Step 2 : Produce additional documents along with the Supply Application, to justify that the user has the right to use the said property, such as attested lease, purchase contract, authorization, solemn declaration etc.
Step 3 : The name of the previous Customer must be stated on the Electricity Supply Application (as shown in the last electricity bill for the property) under the subject “Customer Succession”.

Attention: In any case, if the validity of the Installation Solemn Declaration of the property issued by a private electrician has expired, then the owner of the installation shall submit an updated Installation Solemn Declaration to the Network Operator (DEDDIE) within a reasonable period. It is reminder that the installation Solemn Declaration is necessaryfor the safe operation of the property’s electrical installations. If the property’s installation does not have an updated Installation Solemn Declaration, then the Network Distribution Operator has the right to disconnect it.

What is the duration of an Electricity Supply Contract?

The duration of the Electricity Supply Contract is indefinite. The customer, nevertheless, can terminate it without any additional charges. This termination becomes active within 45 calendar days after its submission date.

What is the advantage of becoming a part of the WATT+VOLT ‘s network?

Our vision is to offer to every Greek consumer, integrated electricity services. Customers can save up to 12% on their electricity consumption cost, depending on the selected program or package.