Can I negotiate electricity charges?

In the case of Low Voltage supplies, prices are determined and publicized. In the case of Medium Voltage supplies, the suppliers calculate the prices  individually. If a customer owns multiple meters, then WATT+VOLT can apply an individual discount policy.

How many bills will I receive as soon as I switch to WATT+VOLT?

As soon as you become a WATT+VOLT customer, you will receive a single bill, inclusive of all the charges in an electricity bill.

How often will I receive my bill?

The billing frequency follows a monthly, bimonthly or/ and 4-month basis, depending on the Program / Package of the meter you choose. Low Voltage customers usually receive an ON ACCOUNT bill every two months and a SETTLEMENT bill every four months. The best option for you is to submit your meter reading every month so that we are able to send you monthly Settlement Bills. This way, you can know the exact the amount you have to spend every month on electricity charges ,  and you can easily manage your budget.

In which ways will I receive my bill?

You will receive it by post in hard copy. If you wish, you can receive the bill  on your e-mail in a PDF file, or you can view it online in our MyWatt platform . Not to mentrion, the application allows you to monitor everything about your energy consumption.

Where and in what ways can I settle my bill?

In our stores you can pay by cash or with your Visa or Mastercard credit/ debit card as well as by calling us at 18383. Additionally, you can pay at any greek bank or by using the express payment method in ELTA.
Also, you can pay, electronically and simply, by activating your account in MyWatt or by visiting our website, through the WATT+VOLT e-pay service.
To automatically pay your bills and save time, you can activate a standing order via card, following an easy and fast process here, as well as a standing order via your bank account.
Each bill must be paid before the stated due date.

Why is the discount calculated only on energy consumption charges (competitive charges) and not on the total amount of the electricity bill?

The total value of the consumption bill has four parts:

(a) the electricity consumption charge;
(b) regulated charges, which are the Transmission System Usage Charge, the Other Transmission System Charges, the Distribution Network Usage Charge and the Services of General Interest;
(c) taxes and duties, which are the Special Renewable Energy Sources duty, the Special Consumption Tax and Custom User Fees (DETE); and
(d) charges for third parties, which comprise the Municipal Duties and the Immovable Property Duty.

WATT+VOLT can offer discounts only on the first category of charges – the rest are fixed charges. The Ministerial Decisions impose these charges on all suppliers, and after collection through the bills, we at WATT + VOLT pay the charges to Third Parties (i.e., ADMIE, customs etc).