WATT+VOLT, a member of EEX

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) with office registered in Leipzig was established in 2002 as a result of the merger of the German power exchange in Frankfurt and Leipzig. Since then, EEX has become the leading Energy Exchange in Europe in which products such as Power, Coal, Emission Allowance, Freight and Agricultural products are traded or registered for clearing.

WATT+VOLT, a power trading company, decided to become a member of EEX. Its main purpose of this business decision was to trade in power in more and more European countries by certified traders. The challenge for the company’s participation in a fairly competitive environment such as this of EEX which brings together conglomerate trading companies, is the constant quest in many activities for the maximum dispersion of its business risk.

Another reason for the company’s endeavor to participate in EEX is that this time the Greek energy market, especially in financial level is at a very early stage with little liquidity. EEX enables WATT+VOLT to access large liquidity markets such as these of Germany, Hungary, France and Italy providing more opportunities to hedge the liabilities of company.