WATT+VOLT and GLOBO launch the innovative energy App.

WATT+VOLT in collaboration with GLOBO, international solution provider for Enterprise Mobility that covers entirely all company needs for protection and management of corporate data and mobile devices, designed the new mobile App – MyWatt.

Via the App MyWatt, WATT+VOLT broadens the services provided to its clients facilitating the daily life of the modern consumer and assisting in the budgeting of the expenses for electricity.

Specifically, the users of the App MyWatt have the possibility to see easily detailed information of their bill monitored through graphics, to compare consumption between periods and simultaneously pay pending bills in Piraeus Bank or by credit/debit card.

Meanwhile, the users can see the pending bills, input electronically the indications of their meter in order to avoid the interim estimated bills, get informed about  the current WATT+ VOLT offers, contact directly the company for any further clarifications or enquiries regarding their bills but also to enjoy significant discounts when introducing a new client.

The App was designed and developed by professional designers and developers of GLOBO’s  Mobility Business solutions Units based in Greece, India, UK and the USA.

Anastatios Papanagiotou, CEO of WATT+VOLT, says "The App MyWatt is one of the many steps that we are taking in order to improve the services provided in the electricity sector for the Greek consumer that trusts WATT+VOLT for his electricity supply. Having always in mind the technology evolution and the need of our customer to have the absolute control over his electricity expenses we constantly develop new and innovative services following the technology trends. Vizualizing and analyzing the listed  data in our systems via the clients account, the user can have an integrated picture of his electricity."

The app will be available soon on AppStore and Google Play.