WATT AND VOLT DOO Beograd - 100% subsidiary of WATT+VOLT Group - was established in 4/12/2015 and officially received the license of power trading in Serbia.

Its main objective is to expand the geographical area of the Group in the Balkans, exploiting the advantage of lower prices in these emerging countries. Its foundation allows transferring of electricity power through neighboring countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Czech Republic. At the same time, it can be exploited as a way station to transport electricity from Hungary to Greece feeding the Greek Energy System with less costly energy than this of the domestic production.

The aim of WATT AND VOLT DOO Beograd is to obtain the license as a provider of electricity in Serbia till mid-2016.

WATT+VOLT Group is in the final stage of establishing the WATT+VOLT Bulgaria EOOD company  obtaining the license for trading and supply of electricity in Bulgaria.

Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia