Why choose Watt + Volt

Our background: We have the support of business groups that can guarantee the integrity and reliability of WATT + VOLT, one of the biggest Real Estate Groups in Greece and a real estate investment portfolio of over 250,000 square meters in Greece and the Balkans, along with a dynamic investment scheme with a 30-year experience in the sector of energy and the appropriate RES know-how.

Integrated and advantageous solutions: Since your needs comprise the basis of the feeling of responsibility we have towards you, we wish to always offer you spearhead and reliable products and high-level services. At WATT + VOLT you will find the most advantageous and reliable electricity consumption packages in the market, always corresponding to your minor or major requirements.

Professional approach: At WATT + VOLT, we make no distinctions. We treat all our contracts with the same seriousness, seeing them as equally significant. Our aim is to always offer you the ideal package that will fit your home or your business. In the context of this approach and for your better service, reports and consumption analyses shall be issued at regular intervals.