WATT+VOLT has enriched its energy business through its subsidiaries, in particular, WATT+VOLT Bulgaria EOOD in Bulgaria, WATT+VOLT DOO Beograd in Serbia, and Energy Services Company (ESC) in Greece.

With our presence in Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia, we aim to broaden our serviceable markets and customer pools, so that our customers can benefit from our innovative solutions and services.

WATT+VOLT in Bulgaria

WATT+VOLT Bulgaria EOOD was established in 2014 and is licensed to supply and trade electricity in the Bulgarian energy market.

WATT+VOLT in Serbia

WATT AND VOLT DOO Beograd was established in 2015. WATT AND VOLT DOO Beograd holds a license to trade electricity in Serbia.

ESC – Energy Services Company

ENERGY SERVICES COMPANY (ESC) provides and installs solutions to monitor, control and reduce energy wastage and footprint of properties.