WATT+VOLT has enriched its energy business through its subsidiaries, and in particular, WATT+VOLT Bulgaria EOOD in Bulgaria, WATT+VOLT DOO Beogrand in Serbia and Energy Services Company (ESC) in Greece.

With subsidiaries that are part of the WATT+VOLT Group of Companies and are active in Greece and the Balkans, WATT+VOLT is continuously expanding its activities in multiple business development areas.

WATT+VOLT in Bulgaria

In 2014, WATT + VOLT Bulgaria EOOD was established. WATT + VOLT Bulgaria EOOD owns a Power Purchasing and Power Supply License to end consumers in the Bulgarian energy market, as well as a Permit for Balancing End User Energy Profile

WATT+VOLT in Serbia

In 2015, WATT AND VOLT DOO Beograd, a subsidiary of the WΑΤΤ+VΟLT Group of Companies was established. WATT AND VOLT DOO Beograd holds a Power Trading License in Serbia and is active in cross-border trade.

ESC – Energy Services Company

ENERGY SERVICES COMPANY (ESC) is a company providing Energy Services for the implementation of solutions that allow residential and business consumers to monitor their consumption of electricity and intervene as appropriate. It also aims at upgrading the energy efficiency of buildings.