Aligned with the global developments in the power sector, WATT+VOLT is innovating having Customer Service at its core.

WATT+VOLT is a rapidly growing and highly innovative Greek company providing electricity, natural gas and integrated energy services to a wide range of customers, in Greece and across the world. We have been licensed to trade and supply electricity to the Greek market since 2011, while in 2015 we were also granted the license to supply natural gas. Owing to our continuous investment in innovative technologies and in highly skilled and specialized human resources, we are now considered a key player in the trade and supply of electricity power and IoT-enabled (Ιnternet Of Things) energy efficiency solutions in Greece.

Our strategic mission is to expand and address our customer needs with dedication, efficiency and flexibility through harvesting the skills of our highly experienced personnel and through our systematic investment in research and development for new products and services. Customer experience lies at our core. Hence, we are launching a nationwide retail stores network. In WATT+VOLT stores, expert advisors walk consumers through our integrated solutions for households and corporations for an efficient, comfortable and safe everyday living.