We provide new age technologies that will prevail in the future.

We offer products, solutions and consult best practices for energy efficiency, safety and comfort.

  • Smarteverything, is a complete end to end platform as a service for the IoT world. We provide turnkey IoT solutions that include hardware, software and networking frameworks for electricity, gas, water, lighting, agriculture, parking, health and waste management.
  • Smartenergy is the upgraded version of the award-winning Energy Analytics platform, enabling organizations to monitor, analyze and manage their energy consumption and lower their energy imprint.
  • The award-winning smartwatt is a complete software/hardware solution transforming an ordinary home into a “smart” home, enabling its habitants to gain absolute control over their smart appliances providing comfort, security and savings.
  • All Energy Solutions & Services by WATT+VOLT are especially designed to fully deploy energy resources and upgrade the building’s level for comfort and security so as to maximize energy efficiency.
  • The award-winning ΜyWatt customer portal grants to the customer access to historical consumption bills, payments and customer care.