WATT + VOLT is a strong participant in the international trade of electricity. This is accomplished by participating in tenders for the allocation of the right to provide energy all over Greece, but also by being a member of the European Energy Exchange and of the Gestore del Mercato Elettrico, the Italian Energy Exchange.

WATT+VOLT has been active in the Electricity and Commodity Trading business since 2013, having gradually become one of the most active companies in the energy sector in the wider geographic region of Southeastern Europe and the Balkans.
Within 2018, the Company carried out total imports and exports of electricity to and from Greece in the order of approximately 850,000 MWh (Hellenic Energy Exchange data), being the 5th largest company in terms of total trading volume among 42 trading companies active in the country. At the same time, WATT+VOLT carried out a significant number of financial transactions, on the Greek System Marginal Price and other international electricity prices, through the European Energy Exchange (EEX) as well as through bilateral contracts.

What We Do

WATT+VOLT engages mainly in the sale and purchase of spot or forward electricity products for portfolio hedging and speculation purposes as well as for providing energy market access to other companies. At the same time, WATT+VOLT also carries out transactions on Natural Gas, Petroleum and CO2 Emissions Rights trader products.

Where We Are Active

In addition to the Greek market, WATT+VOLT is actively operating in most Southeast European electricity markets, conducting a significant volume of cross-border wholesale electricity sales and purchases, on a systematic basis, either through bilateral transactions with a trading partner or through its participation in organized stock markets.
Specifically, WATT+VOLT is registered and actively trades in the following international energy exchanges:

  • European Energy Exchange (EEX) – Germany
  • Gestore dei Mercati Energetici (GME) – Italy
  • Hungarian Power Exchange (HUPX) – Hungary
  • Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) – Bulgaria

In particular, with regards to European Energy Exchange (EEX), WATT+VOLT was the first Greek company to trade in 2015, and in May 2019 it was also the first company to close a trade deal in the newly created Order Book, created by EEX, on future products on the Greek System Marginal Price.
In addition, in order to secure international interconnection rights for cross-border transmission of electricity, WATT+VOLT is registered and participates in short and long-term auctions in the following entities:

  • South East Europe Coordinated Auction Office (SEE CAO) – Montenegro
  • Joint Auction Office (JAO) – Luxembourg

At the same time, the Group has established trading subsidiary companies in Bulgaria, Serbia and FYROM in order to optimize cross-border flows of electricity in the wider geographic area.
Finally, through the creation of an extensive network of cooperating trading companies across Eastern and Southeastern Europe, WATT+VOLT also conducts cross-border electricity trading in Turkey, Romania, Albania and Ukraine.

How We Do It

Successful management of the Group’s trading portfolio is based on the existence of a distinct Trading segment within the organizational structure, staffed by experienced executives with deep knowledge of the subject and operating on the basis of best international practices, methodologies and procedures, using the most modern and sophisticated infrastructure information systems relevant to this activity.
The Group’s objective in the field of electricity and other commodity trading is to become one of the most important players in the sector at a pan-European level within the next few years.