WATT + VOLT is a strong participant in the international trade of electricity. This is accomplished by participating in tenders for the allocation of the right to provide energy all over Greece, but also by being a member of the European Energy Exchange and of the Gestore del Mercato Elettrico, the Italian Energy Exchange.

In late 2013, we expanded our activities to include wholesale cross-border trading to and from Greece, which gradually expanded to a full-scale cross-border trading business across the wider region. This activity involves both long-term and short-term deals, performed physically or financially either through energy exchanges or via Οver Τhe Counter (OTC) bilateral deals.

In 2016, we were the first Greek trading company to participate actively in the European Energy Exchange (EEX), the largest Energy Exchange in Europe. The membership grants us access to the highly liquid Western Europe markets. Moreover, we are an active member of the Italian Energy Market (Gestore del Mercato Elettrico), of the Joint Allocation Office (JAO) and of the Coordinated Auction Office in South East Europe (SEE CAO).

In addition, we participate in energy capacity tenders for the right to transfer energy in the Greek borders.